Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tip 3: The 5-45 rule

During the week I get home from work and have very little energy left for household chores. This week especially I was working 10 or 11 hour days (and still bringing some work home), so I had little energy for anything at home besides eating, cuddling with Matt and the dogs, and maybe reading a magazine. But, on a Saturday morning, I am suddenly energized. This leads me to...

Tip 3: Follow the 5-45 rule

Spend five minutes every day doing a little straightening, a little organizing, a little cleaning. Then, find that one time in the week where you have the motivation to spend 45 minutes on the same types of tasks.

During the week my five minutes mostly go toward putting away my lunch bag, school materials, and clothes, and cleaning up from dinner.

But Saturday morning is a whole different story. I turn into an organizing, cleaning and straightening machine. This morning for my 45 minutes I:
  • emptied trash cans
  • cleaned some lingering dishes from last night
  • ran the dishwasher...or, Matt did
  • wiped down the kitchen counters and the stove top
  • watered the house plants (one time per week in the winter has been enough for my little troopers)
  • microwaved the kitchen sponge (apparently this is a thing you should do that I am only now finding out about...kills bacteria!)
  • cut up the button-down shirt Matt ripped a hole through Tuesday morning into pieces to serve as rags, and saved the buttons for a yet-to-be-determined button project -- perhaps sewing them onto a decorative pillow?
  • discussed the weekend game plan with Matt
  • responded to lingering e-mails
Here's the side story about Matt's shirt: It was not a great loss, seeing as we bought that shirt at Old Navy soon after college graduation nearly seven years ago. But, the more important note here is that after arriving home from work Tuesday evening Matt said to me, "If you're wondering, that shirt is sitting out for you because I ripped a hole through it, and I thought you might like to cut it up into rags." He knows me so well.

Next up....bonus post: bathing the dogs!

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  1. 1. Last year we got a cleaning service and it's amazing - I'll never be able to go back to not having one.

    2. Have you read Home Comforts?
    I have found it to be an indispensible reference book. For example, we stopped using sponges in the kitchen and started using bar rags because you can wash them with bleach and use a fresh, clean one every day - thereby avoiding sponge germs but also potentially being greener by not sending your old sponges to a landfill (granted, washing in hot water with bleach has its own carbon footprint).