Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tip 8: Best food magazines

I am not from a family of chefs. There are no recipes passed along from generation to generation, except for maybe Grandma's potato salad recipe. As a young adult, I've struggled with trying to find new items to cook. Enter, food magazines: a cheap source for inspiration, and a way to encourage recipe organization. I recommend you...

Tip 8: Subscribe to several food magazines for at least a year.

As I read my food magazines, I rip out recipes and organize them into my recipe notebook. I know that if I don't do it immediately, it will never get done, and why waste time reading the same magazine twice?

Here are my favorites, in order:

  1. Everyday Food -- I cannot sing its praises enough. This magazine is made for people like me -- people with limited cooking skills, limited time and limited funds. Many recipes are healthy, too. And, the magazine is perfectly organized into segments with recurring features. Here's one of my favorite recipes: chocolate pecan pie bars.
  2. Cooking Light -- As the name implies, all recipes are geared toward healthy living. Recipes are more complicated than Everyday Food recipes because they usually require more time and ingredients, but it's a useful resource for helping you get out of your routines and become a more advanced cook. Here's a good weekday dinner: chicken souvlaki.
  3. Martha Stewart Living -- This magazine is my overall favorite magazine, but it only ranks third in my list because many recipes are just more advanced versions of what I find in Everyday Food. But, I have to highly recommend this chicken enchiladas verdes recipe.
  4. Wegmans' Menu magazine -- Here you'll find the ingredients list and step-by-step instructions for repeating many of the items you'll find in the prepared foods section. I look at this magazine because I get it for free in the mail. One observation: you can get the same information by asking the people who work in the prepared foods section of Wegmans or any other grocery store to give you an ingredients list for the foods you like. We did this at Wegmans for our favorite Greek pasta salad (which also happens to have its full ingredients list online!).
If you can only afford or only have time for one food magazine, stick with Everyday Food. It's by far the most practical. And, if you have the time to browse online, you'll find almost all the same recipes. I just like reading magazines!

Next up....canisters.

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