Tuesday, August 9, 2011

IKEA desk attempt abandoned, Target wins!

Back in mid-July I told you we had settled on the IKEA Leksvik small desk for our living-room-turned-office-space revamp. It was the perfect size and a good style for our space, but after nearly a month of it being out of stock at the three area IKEA stores, I was getting antsy, and the large desk in our soon-to-be nursery space was the one thing standing in the way of making nursery progress.

So, during my shopping with Lindsay Sunday extravaganza I spotted a small espresso colored desk at Target, saw the $100 price tag, which is $30 less than that for the similar IKEA desk, and within an hour Matt and I returned to Target so he could check it out, too. Not surprisingly, he was immediately on board, as his motto with all things home decor related is, "If you think it's good, I defer to you." This works for our relationship.

We brought home the Carson Anywhere Desk in Espresso finish, and Matt assembled it by himself while I ate a (heavy) mid-afternoon snack and read the entire birth story post series over at OhApostrophe, the latest blog I've started reading.

Here's the new desk in its new living room home...

If you have a keen eye, you've no doubt picked out my greatest pet peeve present in that photo. That's right, out of control cords. We don't even have that many cords, but they are all quite visible, and as the desk is one of the first items you see when you arrive on our second (and main) floor, these need to be contained. We have a few ideas for hiding them, but I'd love any of your suggestions.

The old table that used to be in the living room has been separated from its legs and is now taking up the remaining area in our crawl space, and we're crossing our fingers that someone will want both our old desk and old chair we're advertising on Craigslist (and would love to make $100 total to mean we could possibly break even with the new desk purchase). Now the living room is much more open (even with the addition of another new-to-us piece of furniture...my childhood toy box that we picked up from my parents this weekend).


After (though still quite a work-in-progress)

Picture the open space occupied with a playmat, quilt with some toys (and a baby!) and maybe even an Exersaucer to boot, and you might have a preview of our future. For now, we're loving the open space and the fact that I can basically never leave the second floor of our house and be totally content.

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