Friday, August 19, 2011

Carpets like new!

The last item on our "Stuff professionals are doing for us" portion of our summer bucket list was to get the carpets in our house professionally cleaned. We intentionally saved this for last since we were waiting for all the professionals to finish tracking the mud from their work boots through the house, and we were especially waiting for the patio to be complete so there would be less mud in our backyard overall (of course, this plan was slightly foiled when all the backyard grass got destroyed during the patio installation, but you can't win them all).

On my 30th birthday we had a house full of these...

These giant industrial fans really did get all the carpets dry in a few short hours.

We chose Hew's Carpet Cleaning to get this job done. We found their recommendation through a friend's Angie's List account. We've had our carpets cleaned once professionally prior to this, and another time Matt rented a carpet cleaner from the grocery store and did it himself. Now that we've used Hew's Carpet Cleaning, though, we do not plan to use another company nor will we choose the DIY option for this task. We've never seen our carpets look so good -- in fact, they look brand new -- and we were thoroughly impressed with all aspects of Hew's service, including the use of these industrial-strength fans that dried our floors in no time.

The downstairs = the real test of Hew's prowess. Fortunately, these once-dirty carpets are spotless!

We found Hew's prices to be comparable to those of other companies we looked into, but thanks to a special on Angie's List we got an even better deal. Our house falls into the "up to 1950 square feet category" listed on Hew's website, so the cost of a whole-house carpet cleaning is $199. Through Angie's List we were able to get $100 off, so we signed up for our own Angie's List account for a month (instead of continuing to mooch off a friend's account), which costs $13.25. Once our carpet cleaning person arrived, we let him upsell us by agreeing to add the pet odor removal option to our downstairs level, costing us another $40. He explained that since that's the level where the dogs spend half their days, the dog smell will really come out once he gets the carpets wet, and once the smell is out he won't be able to get it out without this option. Who knows if this was absolutely necessary, but the downstairs does have the messiest carpet, so we agreed. All in, we spent $153 for this service. It's worth it to us for this to become an annual summer event. When we moved in we talked about doing this every summer, but travels or forgetfulness have gotten in the way before. Still, we've had our carpets cleaned three times in four and a half years, which is probably better than the American household average.

In addition to the fact that the professional work being done on our house this summer is complete, the carpet cleaning also came at the perfect time because we've consolidated the furniture in our house. Without the large desk in the office/nursery and the large table in the living room, it was easier for us to quickly move coffee tables, chairs and accessories onto the wood floors of our house (in our dining room/kitchen and foyer) and create pretty open spaces for carpet cleaning. Granted, Hew's did not clean under our sofas or under our beds, but since those are not high-traffic areas we think that's fine. And, because we have not brought any nursery furniture into the house yet, we are even starting the nursery transformation process with some spotless carpet.

As you can see, this space is difficult to photograph, particularly in the morning when so much light is flooding through the window, despite the fact that it's covered with a shade. I think I'm ready to tackle those DIY no sew curtains. I'm afraid of messing up my nice fabric, but I guess I need to get over it! Matt's about ready to start the dresser refinishing project, so we're about to start the real work!

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