Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fake flowers for the bathroom

Last week as I was looking at our newly improved master bathroom, I realized that something was missing. Our vanity looked a like sparse. I was used to it holding our orchid, the one that only bloomed for the first few months after I purchased it years ago and had never bloomed again since. I tried following the advice for getting your orchid to rebloom, including putting it outside during our humid summer months. My fatal mistake, though, was leaving it outside while we were in Argentina and Heat Dome hit the D.C. area, which was surely more than even the most humidity-loving orchid can handle. So I came home from Argentina to a completely dead orchid, which is fine I suppose since it was never going to rebloom under my care.

Then we disassembled our living room table, leaving a fake flower arrangement I'd created a couple years ago on the floor with no purpose. So I decided to disassemble the arrangement and turn some of it into a smaller bathroom arrangement. My disclaimer is that I generally dislike fake flowers, but they have their place in life, namely in the bathroom, the place where for me they are less likely to receive TLC.

I took the original green pot the orchid came in, the river rocks that were keeping the former flower arrangement in place, and the two stems of fake grasses and the single white flower from the original flower arrangement. A few minutes later I had my new, free decoration.

I love repurposing items in the home. Unfortunately, I will not be repurposing the other flowers and leaves from the original arrangement, so if you'd like them (and I know you in real life) let me know, otherwise I'll be posting them for free on Craigslist or donating them next time I make a charity run.

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