Thursday, August 11, 2011

Breaking even

The Craigslist plan for selling the old desk and chair worked! This afternoon a mother and son stopped by to pick up the two items, and they handed over $100 in exchange. We spent $100 on the new Target desk, and we are using a different chair we already owned as our current desk chair, so call us Even Stevens. It's awesome when things work out so easily. I'm thrilled about the fact that we can view the new desk as "free," especially because this is apparently the Summer of Spending Money.

You served me well from 2003-2011, old friends.

Selling the desk and chair was just one more task to check off my summer bucket list. Here's an update on the summer's progress thus far, with about two and a half weeks to go before I have to report back to work full time. You may recall our list was divided into two parts: stuff professionals are doing for us, and stuff we can do ourselves.

Stuff professionals are doing for us:
1) Add lighting and mirrors to master bathroom. (You can see the finished product here.)
2) Add a backyard patio. (This post is a work in progress -- check back soon!)
3) Fix the toilet in the lower level. (This got taken care of the day our master bathroom overhaul was completed.)
4) Fix wobbly ceiling fans. (Yay, I figured it out! And I did it when our AC was shut off for three days during patio installation, so perhaps I just needed some motivation.)
5) Get carpets cleaned throughout the house. (Found a reputable company with a good deal, so this is happening next week.)

Stuff we can do ourselves:
1) Empty backyard shed and transfer contents to garage. (And I learned a little bit about hazardous waste disposal in the process.)
2) Buy actual bed frame for master bedroom. (We have a contender, but we still need to check out some more stores. We may hold off on making the purchase until the fall [see: Summer of Spending Money].)
3) Buy/make dark curtains for master bedroom. (I think I want red curtains, but I'm going to see how making nursery curtains goes first before taking this plunge. This may be a fall activity.)
4) Buy smaller desk and sell old desk. (YES!)
5) Move bookcase from office to lower level. (We may be calling on some assistance from a family member of perhaps a neighbor....Paul??? :)
6) Move table and chairs in living room to garage. (Actually, we fit the four chairs and table into our crawl space, thus saving precious garage real estate.)
7) Move contents of office closet to guest room closet. (I wrote about this here and here, and I am glad it is over. It really tested my ability to downsize even further and find new storage solutions.)
8) Complete steps 4-7 before taking the additional steps to convert the office to the nursery. [Start by coming up with a general color scheme/style.] (I decided on gray walls with red, orange and yellow accent colors.)
And here are a few more I didn't mention in June:
1) Recaulk bathrooms. (It's that time again, not so much to redo the bathtubs and showers as much as the caulk around the bottom of the floors.)
2) Repot indoor plants. (They're looking a little cramped.)
3) Figure out a new filing system. (Done!)
4) Contact my human resources department with really specific maternity leave questions.
5) Reorganize crawl space. (A little bit on that here. This mostly involved taking everything out, throwing out/recycling a lot, and learning how to pack everything back in well.)
6) Buy patio furniture. (This I'll share with you once I get that patio post up.)
7) Register for hospital tour. (I have two hospital options. I think we've established which one is the better choice, now we just need to see it in person. We're scheduled for a tour in early October.)
8) Register for baby-ready pet class. (My neighbor alerted me to this free class that we'll be attending, and I'll tell you about that more soon.)
9) Organize scrapbook memorabilia. (I have a couple bags of stuff I need to sift through.)
10) Nursery: make no-sew curtains. (At least I have the fabric, and today I bought the rest of the supplies.)
11) Nursery: Paint.
12) Nursery: Add shelf/patch holes in closet.
13) Nursery: Buy dresser. (It may still be sitting in our garage, but at least we have it!)
14) Nursery: Refinish dresser.
15) Nursery: Buy crib. (We know which one we want, we just need to get it. But I think we'll hold off until this credit card billing cycle is complete so that my head does not explode...yikes.)
16) Buy maternity jeans. (So far I have held out on making much in the way of maternity clothing purchases, but I think that now as I am almost at the halfway point I could use one nice pair of jeans to get me through the upcoming 20 plus weeks. I'm not planning to buy anything else for the time being.)

Wow, that was therapeutic! We've made some great progress this summer, and we still have some time to tick a few more items off the list.

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