Sunday, August 7, 2011

Early nursery musings

Last week when we returned from our trip to Argentina (which I realize I need to write about....there is so much to write about these days!) I strolled around the newish Jo-Ann Fabrics store near our house. Although I love to DIY and decorate, you may recall that I know nothing about sewing. Still, I am determined to make curtains for the nursery.

After only about five minutes of searching last week I found EXACTLY the fabric I was looking for. It could not have been more perfectly suited to my vision even if I had designed it myself. Today my friend Lindsay and I ran a bunch of baby-preparation (for me)/house-buying (for Linds) errands, and one of our stops included returning to Jo-Ann Fabrics where I planned to use my 50 percent off fabric coupon that went into effect today. I was even more thrilled when a sign next to my expensive choice of fabric advertised the 60 percent off deal for this particular line of fabrics, a special that ended today. Done and done.

Of course, I had picked the most expensive fabric possible at $40 per yard, but the 60 percent off deal brought it down to $16 per yard, which seems much more reasonable (for someone who knows nothing about fabric). We went with 6 yards of fabric for the two curtains, which thanks to Lindsay's recent homeowner expertise should be more than enough for the 84" curtains I plan to craft through a no-sew project. I was ready to buy another 6 yards to have on hand to make matching curtains for the closet, whose doors have a high probability of being removed once we get all the furniture items for the nursery purchased and set up. But perhaps the fact that the store only had about 7.5 yards of the fabric in stock was the sign that I should sleep on that decision.

Right now I am simply thrilled to be the proud owner of this...

I've had visions of a gray-walled nursery running through my head for about two months now, so I figure it's an idea that I like (and apparently one that is en vogue these days, at least according to this aptly timed post about gray nurseries over at With Two Cats). These curtains have a small amount of gray in the leaves. I love the idea of red, orange and yellow accents to brighten up the space, and such additional colors should help quell Matt's fears of us designing a drab nursery. I also like birds as a decorative element, and while I do not want a "themed" nursery, the abstract birds on the curtains should be a cute touch to the space. Most importantly, though, I want to create a gender neutral and not overly babyish nursery, and these curtains should be a good inspiration for the rest of the space following suit. Heck, when we no longer have a need for a nursery however many years down the line I can see us using these curtains in another part of the house.

I won't be making the curtains immediately as I want to practice this art on some less important fabric first, but I'm glad I bought the materials for what is sure to become the centerpiece of the nursery.

In the meantime, two questions I'd love answers to:
1) Do you have any advice for making DIY no-sew curtains? I'll be following these tutorials from Young House Love and Project Nursery, but I'd appreciate any more first-hand experiences.

2) Do you have any recommendations for a no or low-VOC paint? We would like to try out a gray color of this type of paint, and we figure the nursery is the place to use it.

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  1. We too opted for a gray nursery. We used glidden paint from Home Depot that is a low VOC paint. Good luck!