Thursday, July 14, 2011

IKEA desk attempt #1

Yesterday I left off telling you that I was off to IKEA to look for a desk. I had the desk in mind and it even appeared to be in stock, according to IKEA's website, but when we actually showed up at the store we were disappointed to find out the desk is currently out of stock. It was not all for nothing, though, as we walked out with lots of cheap, good-smelling candles, which are always nice to have on hand.

We need a new desk as we prepare for the office to become the nursery. The office currently houses this great condition, nice but too big IKEA desk that I bought back in 2003 straight out of college. IKEA does not appear to even sell this desk anymore (but someone please correct me if I'm wrong! I don't even know what it's called).

This is where the magic happens. And the screen is this blog that I am currently writing -- how meta is that??

This desk is 55" wide and 23.5" deep. We need something of similar depth but only a little more than half the width. Losing that width means I'll be sacrificing the desk's excellent storage capacity, but I already have a plan for getting the desk's contents into the guest room closet. We'll be Craigslisting the desk and the bulky but otherwise perfect chair in hopes of making back a few bucks. (Also, remember how I told you before that I spent zero time decorating the office in anticipation of turning it into the nursery? See what I mean? It's so boring, right?)

Because I'll be taking a decent amount of time off work to stay home with Baby Awesome-rod, I wanted to make sure that we moved the desktop computer to a central location in our home. In my mind, having a baby play area set up in the same area as a small desk seemed like the ideal situation. The best location for this space in our house is the main level, which is where we have the family room, kitchen, eat-in kitchen area and dining room. Technically, we use the eat-in kitchen area (where I hung our European trip photo gallery last summer) as our formal dining room, and we were gifted a very nice table and chairs that currently take up the space of our other dining area. This other dining space is really just wasted potential, and its central location makes it the perfect mini-office/play area.

I'm not sure yet if we'll position the new desk near the bookcase or place it on the right-hand wall, but it could work in either location. We'll be adding to the mix my childhood toy box that's still in great condition and still housed at my parents' house, as well as my childhood mini rocking chair. These three items combined take up approximately the same space as the current table and chairs. We don't want to get rid of the great-quality table and chairs, so we'll take the legs off the table and store everything in either our garage or our crawl space. This dining set would be perfect in a future home.

So, back to the desk. What did I decide on? After much searching, and no luck with Craigslist (most people own really big desks!) I went with the smaller IKEA Leksvik desk in a dark finish. It's 31.75" wide (compared to the 55" width of our current desk) and 20.5" deep (compared to the 23.5" depth of our current desk). We're losing some depth, which is OK, but the width is absolutely perfect. Plus, if the mini-office/play area concept winds up not working out for our lifestyle when Baby Awesome-rod arrives, I have a back-up plan! This desk perfectly fits in a small nook next to our half bath, also on our main level, so all is good with the world.
At $129 the price is right. Now I just have to wait two weeks for the next shipment to make its way to our local IKEA, and then I'll be ready to start moving some furniture.

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