Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm a decal winner!

A fun surprise came my way on my 30th birthday -- I actually won a blog giveaway, this time for a Dali Decals $25 gift certificate. I was on the fence about the whole decals-in-the-nursery trend, which according to some snooty blogs is apparently on its way out. Then I started to realize how many cute designs are available, and I started to think more about the blank wall that will be above the crib and how I don't want to make it too busy/I'm worried about hanging stuff on there lest it should fall into the crib. (Perhaps this is a stupid fear? I don't really know what's kosher in the stuff-above-the-crib category.) Of course, once I won this awesome giveaway, my decision to put a decal over the crib was solidified.

I've narrowed down the decals to my top two choices.

First there's the Mod Tree Branch with Two Mod Birds for $65
If I went with this option, I would probably choose colors similar to what you see in the above sample photo. Lime green and orange would definitely work with the nursery color scheme of bold pops of color to contrast the neutral gray walls we plan to paint (soon). I would flip the decal to its mirror image, though, so it could be coming out of the side of the wall closest to the window in the nursery. The potential downside of this option is that the birds could make the nursery too theme-y, considering that the curtain fabric contains a few abstract birds. I'm not super into birds or anything, so it's weird that birds keep popping up in my idea banks. (Perhaps I should just let go and Put a Bird on It.)

The second option is more inspired by the fact that we now know Baby Awesomerod is a girl. Here is the Swirling Poppies Set of 15 wall decals for $39.
Again, if I went with this option, I would probably choose to order the decals in white to work against the gray walls (though I guess I could get them in a nursery accent color, but maybe that would be a little much?). I would also arrange these decals on the wall so that they appeared to be popping out of the top of the crib, which will also be white with colorful crib sheets in nursery accent colors. The potential downside of this option is that maybe it's too girly. After all, if we can eventually have a Baby Awesomerod #2 I will guess it will be a boy and this might be something we'd need to change out. Or just accept the fact that boys can like flowers, too, and Matt is a sensitive guy. Or just accept the fact that we'd only be spending about $14 for this removable decoration, so we can always switch it out if and when we're ready.

OK, please help me decide! What would you choose?


  1. I vote for the bird/branch decal. I like the bird motif you've got going on with the curtains and I think it will add an additional pop of color!

  2. I second Lindsay. The bird decal will look amazing. I also am a big fan of color so that would have been it for me regardless.

    Don't forget to use the coupon code and sign up for the $5 off. That should bring the price down with free shipping to just over $30!

  3. I like the birds...I think it would go well with the pattern you have picked out for the curtains

  4. I'll stand alone. Do the second one! I see that branch/bird decal everywhere – the second one is awesome and different.