Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 20: Sex reveal

I know it's all de la moda to throw a gender reveal party with a blue or pink internally frosted cake to share the news of the baby's sex. But I think my email to some friends today and this blog post are sufficient.

So, without further ado, we're having a girl!

This news comes one day before I hit the big 3-0. Happy early 30th birthday to me!

Today I also hit 20 weeks, and when I asked Matt to take the above 20-week photo, he said, "Aren't you becoming what you hate?" Sorry if tying a pink ribbon around my stomach makes you loathe me. For the record, last night as I was further rearranging some items in our home, namely vases that I'll show you some other time, I took a long royal blue ribbon sitting elsewhere in our house and put it next to the desk in preparation for today's ultrasound. I was really prepared for a boy.

Of course, I am not going to lie: I have been hoping for most of my life that this day would come and I would get to have a girl. I've been worried because boys seem to run in Matt's family, and since his genes determine the baby's sex, I've been mentally preparing for the fact that we would probably only have boys in this house. I told Matt last night that if this baby is a boy that we need to at least make sure our future dogs are female because otherwise it's me against the boys. It's not that I don't want boys -- I very much do. Instead, it's that I've been convinced I would never have a chance to have one girl.

Today when the ultrasound technician said, "It's a....girl," I swear that was the longest sentence of my life. My immediate reaction was, "How sure are you?" to which she replied, "Oh, very sure, there are the labia." (Bet you didn't think labia would show up in an organizing surprise!) OK, I'm convinced.

Most importantly, as the ultrasound continued (and the little lady was not being very cooperative so we were there a long time) we got to see all the important body parts and learn that for the moment everything is A-OK.

Knowing that Baby Awesomerod is a girl doesn't change much for us in a practical baby-preparation sense. One thing that's set is the name. We had a girl first and middle name, but no boy names we could agree on. We'll reveal the name after the baby arrives (ohhh, a secret!). I still want a gender-neutral nursery (with a couple gender-specific removable touches I was going to add in for good measure regardless of the baby's sex). I also tend to loathe the "princess" motif (and I'm not big into butterflies or cupcakes either, which seem to be everywhere on little girls' clothing). I like girly, but I don't want to drown in a sea of pink (just like I didn't want to be buried under a pile of blue, either). I did, however, add a few girl items to our baby registry, and I'll share the registry decision making process with you in my next post.

All in all, today is right on up there with one of the best days of my life, and I feel so incredibly lucky to be at this stage. Finding out the baby is a girl is the icing on my non-existent 30th birthday cake.


  1. Congratulation! Little girls are so much fun.
    Thinking of you.

  2. Yay! Congrats! Happy birthday!