Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anti-bug juice: Skin So Soft

Today's short post is brought to you from my steamy office where temps are up to 88 degrees, thanks to the fact that our AC is disconnected. Of course, the reason our AC is disconnected is a good one: our concrete patio is being poured as I write this! So, I'll be thrilled when we not only have an awesome new patio to enjoy, but also when we have some temperature control in our home. This is one item from the summer bucket list!

So, I'll be making my way back downstairs in front of the fan in approximately 5 minutes before I melt, but I thought I would share this simple product appreciation post.

During the late spring I started thinking about bug spray and how I would rather not spray myself with true bug spray in an effort to avoid unnecessary chemicals, especially during pregnancy. I remembered back in the day when my Aunt Sandra was an Avon lady and she would give me Skin So Soft (I was 8) and tell me it's also a perfect bug repellent. Back then I didn't particularly care, but the lesson stuck. This also appears to be a lesson many ladies have learned from their southern female relatives, and I definitely have plenty of southern females in my family.

So when I passed the little Avon kiosk at our mall in early June I knew I needed to buy a bottle of the original spray formula. I'm so glad I did. So far this summer I have not gotten any bug bites (knock on wood). This is apparently quite a feat given the supposed fact that pregnant skin is more sensitive and more likely to appeal to bugs. For $6 it has been worth it.

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  1. Just throwing it out, that, and I looked for this for a while, 10% DEET is safe for babies and soon-to-be mommies; and given that West Nile is more prevalent and dangerous than the utterly negligible cancer risk associated with DEET it's something to consider for Little Awesomerod in the future. We're using it on Emma during these hot, muggy months.