Monday, August 15, 2011

$4 cord solution

I left off with our new office space telling you that it was almost complete, minus one small problem: cords. In abundance. That needed to be contained. What I anticipated could be a tricky issue to solve wound up being a pretty easy fix, thanks to a visit to Home Depot and a knowledgeable, friendly salesman.

Our salesman told us he always uses mounting bases and 8 inch mounting ties to contain his cords. The ones we bought from Home Depot are made by a company called Commercial Electric, and a pack of 10 mounting bases costs $1.99, as does a pack of 10 mounting ties. Although I can't find the exact replica of the mounting base on the Home Depot website, these mounting bases give you the same idea.

First, I had to tightly bundle the computer cords at the source in the back of the computer.

Then I had to space out the mounting bases along the back of the desk and loop the mounting ties through each base. The mounting bases have an adhesive back, and the mounting ties loop through the holes in the bases. The bases are also convenient because the ties can go through either vertically or horizontally, which is great for moving around corners on furniture or walls.
The bigger question I faced, though, once I got started was what to do with the power cord and the bottoms of all the cords when I got to the end.  I had picked up some cute red containers at Home Goods last weekend, and I was planning to use one for this purpose, but the design of the container made the cords still look messy. So, I did what I've increasingly learned to do lately and got resourceful "shopping" my own home. I picked up a basket, one of three housed underneath our living room coffee table, and discovered that it's the perfect size. Plus, its lid, its holes on the sides that serve as handles and its loose weave make it ideal for housing something electric without posing a fire hazard.

Twenty minutes and four dollars later, I was really satisfied with the results.

Granted, it's only been less than a week, but so far I am loving having my work station in the living room. It makes us more of a cozy little family.

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