Sunday, July 3, 2011

Master bath mini-remodel: Complete!

As we move through our boring-adult summer bucket list, it's time to share our first accomplishments. The master bathroom mini-remodel falls into the category of "complicated tasks real professionals will be doing for us." We are glad we went this route. There was no way we could have run the wires for the two new light fixtures, learned to patch drywall, or installed a recessed light. Money well spent!

You may recall that our master bathroom updating involved two main lighting fixes. The first and most obvious is the installation of two new light fixtures above the vanity. We went from this old look to this more modern look:

The light fixtures are from the Quoizel Empire Silver Demetri Collection with one light, which matches the four-light Quoizel Demetri fixture we installed in our hallway bathroom last summer. Each fixture has a 100-watt lightbulb in it. At first I was worried the room would be too dark as we went from one six-light fixture to two single-light fixtures, but these 100-watt CFL lights are really powerful and the two give off just as much light as the six previous bulbs.

The mirrors are from Home Goods, which we snagged a couple months ago for $30 each. They have dark brown frames, which is really ideal because we were debating between black and brown frames and ultimately settled on brown.

The professional electricians installed the fixtures, which had to be somewhat intensely rewired, and they patched the drywall holes left behind by both the old fixture and the old giant mirror. They also primed the area where the old fixture and mirror stood, so all we had to do was paint and hang the mirrors. Painting was the easy part. As I was reminded of last September while I was hanging our dining room wall photo gallery, I really hate hanging things. Measuring, spacing and leveling require such precision that it drives me insane, and try as I might I cannot hang something without making at least one needless hole in the wall. I measure and remeasure and still wind up getting something wrong. But it got fixed, and visitors to our home will be none the wiser about the little mistake I made along the way.

Lighting fix number two involved installing a new recessed light directly above the otherwise dark shower space. We did not do any work for this little project, and I am pleased to have paid someone else to make the shower I use daily about three times as bright as it was before.

I don't know how well the pictures reveal the transformation, I am pleased to be able to see in there now.

While we were at it, we asked our electrician if he could take a look at our downstairs toilet, and he obliged. At least the first time he looked at it he took approximately five seconds and "fixed" it. I went to check it a few minutes later to see if it would flush, and it would not, so we felt a little less pathetic than we did initially. Then he told us a part had gone bad, so Matt went out and bought a replacement kit for $25 at Home Depot and then had the electrician install that, simply because we've installed a couple kits unsuccessfully in that toilet in the past four and a half years. After 30 minutes he got it working, and we hope (knock on wood) this one is the keeper.

While we had electricians in our house for two days, we got some other work crossed off our summer bucket list, and I'll share that with you in my next post!

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