Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Recipes: Everyday Food and Lindsay

One of tonight's activities included grocery shopping that we did not accomplish on Monday (our typical grocery day) or Tuesday (because we were both dead to the world). We also watched not just one but two of my absolute favorite shows -- Lost and Glee! All I need is to watch Modern Family in the same night to make it the ultimate triumvirate.

Dreamy? (and mysterious!)
Dreamy?? (also, is it weird that I love Emma's clothes? Is it too librarian of me?)
Dreamy??? (also probably my favorite episode)

Tonight also involved a new recipe: Pad Thai from our latest edition of Everyday Food. Now, if you read my good friend Lindsay's blog, you'll notice that she made this last night. This was a fairly insane coincidence, seeing as it was on our menu for tonight before I read her post, and I got a chance to read about her experience before we tried this out ourselves. She forewarned us that the recipe would not be terribly spicy, so of course that meant my husband, he-who-loves-Native-Hot foods (a nickname he picked up on his trip to Thailand), had to kick things up a notch with our various hot sauces in our house.

Oh, and, tonight we used the scallions I planted (or perhaps it's more accurate to say replanted) in our garden last month. Somehow we managed to unintentionally cook food this month that did not require scallions until now, so we haven't brought scallions into our house for a while. 

So, while Matt cooked, I filed recipes from this month's Everyday Food in our recipe notebook. Although this was not my original Thursday night dinner plan, I did make the executive decision that we'll be having the fish taco recipe from this magazine, another dish my friend Lindsay tried out before me.

I could get used to this....Lindsay, perhaps the best cook among all my friends (though she and my friend Sam may tie for that title), can just tell me what to eat each week, and I can stay just one step behind.


  1. Wow a post with me in the title! What did you all think about the pad thai? Did the chili sauce help it out at all?

  2. You are not alone in the Emma clothing love - check out this blog: What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? (And it's not really my style but I totally think she looks cute all the time. Embrace it.)

  3. The chili sauce did help the recipe, but I would still like us to be able to get the noddles crispy. I think we need to invest in a real wok. Zoe, that is a blog I will be checking out (and perhaps following :)