Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tip 57: Rug pads

If you're annoyed with your rugs slipping around, the obvious solution is to invest in a rug grippy mat, those thin rubbery pads you place underneath your rugs to keep them secure. Here's a way to get the most for your money...

Tip 57: If you need more than one rug pad, buy one in a large size that you can cut down into smaller pieces. It will be cheaper than buying several smaller items.

I guess this kind of ties into yesterday's post about bulk foods in the sense that you can make the most economical choices when you adapt the product to fit your specific needs. In my case I bought one large rug pad a couple years ago, and by cutting it up into smaller pieces I've been able to use it in six different locations in the house, and I still have some left. This is even after I added another rug pad piece to our half bathroom last week after slipping on that rug one too many times!

You can buy several different sizes at Bed Bath and Beyond or on Amazon.

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