Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Swapping floating shelves

Earlier this winter, during the Blizzard of 2010, I wrote about replacing an old, dilapidated bookshelf in the dining room with a nicer-looking espresso-finish bookshelf from Target.

I still had these floating shelves from our home's previous owners installed above the bookshelf. They clearly do not match.

So, a couple weeks ago it was time to find some replacements. I decided to make the purchase at this time because a Target Sunday circular lured me in with its promise of $8 floating shelves. Eight dollars -- sign me up! Of course, in the store, the $8 special shelves were clearly sub-par and particularly small for what I needed.

I went with these two 35" long x 8" wide by 2" high shelves in espresso finish. I paid $25 each at Target. These shelves are much deeper than our previous shelves, that are only 3.5" wide. This gives me greater options for decorating the shelves.

Right now, though, I've left the original items on the shelves, for lack of both time and money at this moment, especially after booking our huge European vacation. Even though we've been saving money for the trip for a couple years, it is still a lot of money to fork over at once, you know? Perhaps I will fill these shelves with treasures from our travels! At least for now all the furniture in our dining room (dining table and chairs, wine rack, bookshelf and floating shelves) are all the same espresso finish.

Top shelf
Bottom shelf
Side view

and after...a little better, now that everything matches!

Now, if only someone would buy the old shelves I put on Craigslist. They are in perfect condition, no scratches or any other problems, and they are actually better quality than the ones I bought at Target (they are much heavier), so I listed them for $10 each. I got a few hits, but so far no one has come out to get them. Such is the way with Craigslist, I suppose. I did manage to sell our old hose reel cart that we no longer need, and a nice man who found us through Craigslist came by with $10 to pick that up, so that's a score of 1-1 right now.

Want to buy these? I've got two of them! (36" long, 3.5" wide, 2.25" high)


  1. did you read my blog? I'm looking for floating shelves! Except that yours are too long for our wall. I will have to check out Target!

  2. They look AWESOME! Especially against the red!

    With the craigslist ad, did you add any keywords in? If those shelves are pretty heavy they might be Pottery Barn (theirs are the heaviest). Try something like "Two shelves just like you'd buy from Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardwarde". Works for me everytime!

  3. Great shelf. Fits perfectly into the room :)