Monday, August 30, 2010

Mpix gallery wrap review: A mostly-success

We returned home from our beach trip to the Mpix gallery wrap I'd ordered during their sale (kindly placed inside our garage by our good neighbor Joe!). As a general concept I think this product is awesome, and now that I've placed several orders with Mpix over the last year, I continued to be impressed with this company's speedy delivery of its products and the good quality of its prints. That said, my main complaint is that I am not 100 percent satisfied with the color quality of my gallery wrap.

I went with a photo I took at Rocky Mountain National Park during our 2008 cross country adventure. It fits the (what now appears to be) woodsy theme of the hallway bathroom, what with the foliage on the new shower curtain and the cheerful woodland frames enveloping our DIYed initials. Also, it was the only photo from the ones I was choosing among that had a high enough resolution to be blown up to rather large dimensions (16" by 20", to be exact).

For comparison purposes, here's the digital photo

And here's the gallery wrap in its place of honor, above the toilet
I realize that I've made the mistake of hanging this art too high, so I'll fix that tomorrow, but for now notice how this reprint of my original seems to take the idea of purple mountain majesties a little too literally.

To be fair:
1) It's difficult to take a good photo of a reprinted photo, but even in person the should-be-gray mountains in the gallery wrap really do look purple.
2) I probably should have done more work on the original file before sending it off to be reprinted. I guess I felt confident in what I saw on my computer screen and in the color correction the folks at Mpix claim to provide.

It may sound like I'm really annoyed with this product, and I think I would instead classify my reaction as mild annoyance. Perhaps in the future if I order another gallery wrap from here or another site I'll stick to black and white photos.

Have you ordered a gallery wrap from Mpix or another site? What was your experience?

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  1. Have you emailed their customer service department? They are amazing at replying fast and fixing problems.