Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tip 63: Vacation groceries

Sorry for the limited posting last week. We spent our final week of freedom before the school year begins hanging out at the Duck, NC beach house with the dogs, soaking up some remaining summer sun. We also tried a new trick this trip, and I'd say it was a success, so I share with you...

Tip 63: If you're going on a trip where you'll have access to a kitchen and you plan to cook many meals, purchase your groceries at home and pack them in your car. It will save time and most likely money.

We are fortunate that we get to stay in Matt's parents' beach house, which is fully stocked with every kitchen implement and pantry staple you could need. So, that cuts down on what we need to bring or buy. But, for some reason, on past trips we've done all our grocery shopping at the beach, which involves visiting grocery stores that are not nearly as well stocked as the ones we have at home, or the prices are more expensive, or both. I also generally dislike shopping in grocery stores when I'm not familiar with the aisle layout. I love to get in, get what I need, and get out.

This is a really simple strategy, but it's one I plan to implement in the future because it meant that we brought with us only what we needed, used what we needed, and eliminated some of the inevitable waste that comes with poor menu and grocery list planning. It's also a great way to use up anything left in your fridge or pantry without worrying about it going bad while you're away.

And, of course, by doing your grocery shopping before you leave for your trip, you get to maximize the time spent relaxing with your loved ones. We are happy to report that on this trip our dogs showed the least fear they've ever shown around water (despite their size, they are kind of wimpy). And Doc loves digging -- unsuccessfully -- for crabs on the beach.

Small girl, giant dog
Happy end of summer, everyone!

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  1. Such cute pictures!! I love Doc's head in the sand, so metaphoric.

    We do this too, I hate the HT in OBX, everything is way too expensive. We even went a step forward and made some meals before we left. I brought homemade frozen lasagna and pulled chicken from the crockpot for dinners when we were there along with one of the 1lb organic spring mix containers from costco (fav easy lunch..grab and go)! Glad you guys are back, stop by and get your bday present!