Monday, August 2, 2010

Hallway bathroom reveal

Earlier in July I told you that when we got back from our trip I had to tackle the hallway bathroom. In fact, in the Philly airport while waiting to fly back to D.C. Matt and I each made our post-trip to-do lists, and at the very top of mine was to redo this ugly bathroom. I'm proud to say that after several days of work, it is finally complete (or, it is 95 percent additional piece of art will be added, but that's all).

You may remember the two reasons that this bathroom needed an overhaul, both of which are encapsulated in the photo below: 1) bright orange paint and 2) outdated lighting.

And here's the bathroom as I got ready to tape everything off

I went with Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint in Classic Taupe with Flat Enamel finish. I know a lot of people are skeptical of Behr paint, but it's the only paint I've used in our house, and with the exception of my own poor color choice with the bright orange, I've been really pleased with the quality and durability. I had never used the new Premium Plus Ultra paint before, but this was the perfect time to try it out because it's paint and primer in one. I have to say, even though I loathe painting bathrooms, this was actually the easiest painting job of my life thanks to the quality of this paint. In places where I used the roller, I could have gotten away with doing only one coat, though I obviously chose to do two coats over the entire bathroom just to do the best job possible.

Here's the bathroom with coat number 1. Pretty impressive job covering up the orange, right? Go Behr!

And then there's the light fixture. We checked out Lowe's and Home Depot, and as our neighbor Mimi warned us, Lowe's has way better selection than Home Depot, at least for bathroom light fixtures. Still, we weren't thrilled with the offerings with either Lowe's or Home Depot, so we went to the Lamp Factory Outlet and found what we wanted, this four-light fixture from Quoizel. It takes 100W bulbs, but when we installed four 100W CFLs we thought it was entirely too bright, so we downgraded to four 60W CFLs, and it's still plenty bright (so bright, in fact, that it makes taking a picture of them nearly impossible).
I also wanted to add some art to the bathroom, so on a whim at Michaels I decided to pick up some wooden letters, wooden frames and bird stickers to create these little happy-family emblems. I painted the letters blue using some leftover Behr paint from our master bathroom, and I added some brown ribbon to the backs of the letters so I could hang them up.
The frames were buy one, get one free, and they were table-top frames, so I simply removed the glass and backing. In my cost comparisons this was cheaper than buying backless frames, and they were what I wanted. Isn't it great when what you want is also the cheapest option? The stickers are by Martha Stewart. Although I didn't realize it when I bought them, they're not plain-old paper stickers, they're some kind of plastic, so they're even more perfect for their place in a humid bathroom.
So, after three hours of taping the bathroom off, two hours for coat 1 and then another two hours for coat 2, followed by a couple hours of touch ups, Matt's fixture installation, clean up and some time for original art creations, here's the bathroom!
I plan to add a piece of art over the toilet (a lovely place for art, right?) but for now I am just glad that this is done and that Matt and our guests will no longer burn their retinas when they use our hallway bathroom.


  1. Love the new bathroom! Where is the shower curtain from? I love it! Great job!

  2. Steph, the bathroom looks AWESOME! I love it. I really like the letter art. You are officially commissioned by me for one of those! BTW, all the pics from Italy are amazing. Especially the ones from your gondola ride in Venice (swoon, I'm so jealous).

  3. Thanks for the positive comments! @Jenna: the shower curtain is from Bed Bath and Beyond. @Mimi: no gondola rides for us. We rode the vaporetto everywhere, which is the cheap-o water bus. Gondola rides are like 80 Euros a thank you! :)