Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday happy hour: Tinto de verano

In honor of the ridiculous number of summer birthdays among our college friends, we'll be celebrating a little Friday happy hour pretty soon, but in the meantime I thought I would share our biggest summer discovery: tinto de verano.

If you've been reading my travel blog posts carefully, you might have noticed that I referenced this delicious beverage in almost all the Spain posts. But what is tinto de verano? Spanish summer wine. More aptly, I like to think of it as the world's easiest version of sangria.
Unlike sangria, which can involve quite a few ingredients, a decent amount of prep work and the urge to make an entire pitcher full, tinto de verano just involves three ingredients: red wine, a citrus soft drink of your choice, and ice.

Most red wines will work, though we've been partial to inexpensive red wines for this drink, our favorite being Crane Lake Cabernet Sauvignon that we can score at Wegmans for $4.99 per bottle. We've also really enjoyed a cheap zinfandel, including the Barefoot brand (I know, I was shocked too). I just recommend avoiding merlot in this drink, not because I have anything against merlot (a la Sideways style), it just doesn't mix well here.

For your citrus soft drink, I recommend Fresca. In Spain tinto de verano is often made using Fanta Limon or orange Fanta.

To prepare: Fill a glass approximately 2/3 full of ice. Fill 1/2 to 2/3 of the glass with red wine, depending on how saucy you're feeling. Fill the rest of the glass with your citrus soft drink of choice.

Happy Friday, and happy birthday to all my August birthday buddies!

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  1. Have you considered trying an Izze? :) I'll look forward to enjoying some tinto de verano NEXT summer, when I will hopefully NOT be pregnant.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, fellow August birthday buddy!