Monday, August 16, 2010

Travel agent recommendation

Before I round out our European travels with my thoughts on Madrid, I thought I would go ahead and link up to our travel agent's website here because I've gotten quite a few requests in person, by email and via the interweb. Our travel agent is Cindy and she works for TamalPais Travel, which is based out of California, and I highly recommend using her if you're searching for a reputable travel agent.

Before the trip, I wrote about how this was my first experience working with a travel agent, and therefore I did not know exactly what to expect. Now that I've worked with Cindy and our trip was such a success, I don't think I can ever again plan an international, multi-city trip without her assistance. As much as I'm a DIY kind of person, I appreciate our travel agent's expertise, and at the end of the day there's no do-over for that big vacation you've been anticipating for years, so why not make it the best it can be?

More specifically, though, I'd recommend our travel agent for three main reasons:

1) Cindy did an outstanding job selecting our hotels for this trip, and our only regret is that we cheaped out and didn't take her up on all eight of her recommendations and instead went with the five less-expensive options.

2) Cindy perfectly planned our itinerary so that we were in each city for the ideal amount of time. Three nights in Barcelona versus one night in Cordoba? Perfect. I'm glad we trusted her when it came to those important details.

3) Cindy can work with your budget. We are definitely not high rollers, but Cindy was able to plan an outstanding trip that worked perfectly for us.

Have fun planning your next big getaway!

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