Thursday, August 19, 2010

4 square

Four years ago today Matt and I stood in front of 170 of our closest friends and family and got married. Today, in honor of that occasion, we celebrated with good food.

(While I'm on a wedding tangent, might I recommend our amazing wedding photographer Chris Baltazar if you live in the D.C. area or you're planning a destination wedding.)

Today's meal marked meal two out of three for D.C. Restaurant Week (aka my 29th birthday week and our 4-year anniversary week). On Tuesday we celebrated my 29th birthday one day late at Johnny's Half Shell in D.C., where we had the following: Stephanie -- BBQ shrimp appetizer, crab cake entree, chocolate angle food cake dessert; Matt -- grilled calamari appetizer, scallops entree, pecan pie dessert. The best part? Matt's grilled calamari, though it was all quite good.

Today for our anniversary we visited another new-to-us restaurant, 2941 in Falls Church, where we had another memorable meal, this time a little more delicate and fancy than my birthday lunch: Stephanie -- prosciutto and melon appetizer, Amish corn ravioli entree, peaches and cream dessert; Matt: octopus appetizer, salmon entree, chocolate truffle dessert. (Of course, this is my over-simplified explanation of some pretty complex dishes.) The best part? Though call, though I'd say it's a tie between my ravioli and Matt's chocolate truffle. Good news for D.C.-area folks: 2941 will be offering their Restaurant Week lunch menu through August 27, so even if you can't make it this week you might still be able to visit next week.
I'm pretty excited for my corn ravioli.
The desserts, for once, tasted as beautiful as they looked.
And, the outside of 2941 is definitely picture worthy, with its koi pond and waterfalls.
If you're having a small wedding and you have the means, might I recommend getting married here. I am sure it would be pretty awesome.

Over lunch Matt and I were inspired to rank our favorite meals of our marriage. While our list somewhat surprisingly focused on the everyday, affordable restaurants we've claimed as our couple favorites, it's difficult to overlook the wonderful anniversary meals we've shared.

1st year anniversary at The Tabard Inn, D.C.
2nd year anniversary at Me Jana, Arlington
3rd year anniversary, Restaurant Eve, Alexandria (aka the best meal of our lives)
Four years has gone by quickly. On my birthday Matt told me he hopes to spend at least 40 more years with me. That would mean we would die when we're 69. Let's hope we can stick it out longer than that, because so far it's been pretty great.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Matt and Steph! You guys are such a beautiful and inspiring couple. We've been blessed to watch you guys through your newlywed years. I love the yellow dress for this years pic, it's so cute!