Saturday, January 14, 2012

A pictorial pregnancy timeline

5 (almost 6) weeks pregnant, May 7, 2011, waiting for first doctor's appointment; in the meantime, enjoying our little secret at a friend's wedding

9 weeks pregnant

10 weeks -- At the time, I think I'm starting to show. Hahaha. How silly.
11 weeks

12 weeks -- the tiniest bit of definition begins

13 weeks -- solidly in the second trimester, I start to have a more legitimately rounded stomach.

15 weeks -- hiking on Catalina Island in Los Angeles

16 and 17 weeks -- in Buenos Aires, Argentina

19 weeks

20 weeks -- August 15, 2011, one day before turning 30. And, we found out that day it's a girl!

21 weeks -- This is when I think I "popped."

22 weeks -- Maternity clothes start to look normal on me. And, it's back to work for a new school year.

24 weeks -- The beginning of "is that a small soccer ball attached to your stomach, or are you legitimately pregnant?"

25 weeks -- Hiking the black diamond in Deer Valley, Utah at a friend's wedding.

27 weeks -- Can't touch this.

29 weeks -- Back at U.Va for a football game and an important onesie.

30 weeks

31 weeks

32 weeks

34 weeks -- Heading to Thanksgiving dinner!

35 weeks -- Belly button is officially an outie.

37 weeks -- Officially full term! Thought I could deliver any minute. How silly.

38 weeks -- Home from the shower my newspaper students threw for us.

40 weeks -- Thought this had to be the last weekly shot of my pregnancy. How silly.

41 weeks -- January 11, 2012. Done.

Total weight gain: 30 pounds
Belly button definitely out in the home stretch
No stretch marks! I did not use any lotion on my stomach either.
Only a few days of ankle swelling.
Shockingly few, if any, spider veins.
Thank you, genetic code.

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