Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New addition

...DJ Roomba!

Matt's contribution to nesting around our house consists of him having purchased a Roomba Pet Series 562 from a woman on Craigslist (who also happens to be very pregnant and believes the Roomba is going to be too loud for her incoming baby....except it's way, way less noisy than our Dyson, so whatevs people. Her decision to sell it second hand saved us over $200 off the full purchase price.). We are currently testing it out. It is working its magic on our main level (living room, kitchen and dining room). Like everything we bring into our house, it is already nicely covered in dog hair.

The dogs do not know how to respond to it. Hopefully chasing it around will keep them occupied enough to ignore our daughter when and if she ever arrives on this planet.

And when we have a party, we can assure you DJ Roomba will play a major role in the festivities.

DJ ROOMBA - watch more funny videos     

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