Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Showering Baby Awesomerod, part 2

Continuing on to the next four events held in Baby Awesomerod's honor...

In mid-November while my main event shower was taking place, some of Matt's guy friends from college got together and threw him and his brother (who is expecting a baby in late February) a dual man shower. (BTW, we love the expression "man shower" around these parts.) I assumed this would involve boys sitting around drinking beer. While this was partially true, the actual event was much more organized than I could have imagined.

The boys entered the host's house greeted by a giant door covering featuring questionable baby daddy Justin Bieber. They also enjoyed this custom-made baby cake that required Googling a picture of a baby.

As their special gift, Matt and his brother received matching baby carriers, which will be perfect for manly outdoor activities, such as taking the future babies on a hike.

Matt apparently had the great idea to haze himself by insisting that he and his brother wear the matching, empty baby carriers out and about town after the group left the party to continue watching football at a sports bar. This is my husband.

Thanks to our college friends for throwing this special man shower!

Several weeks after all this, we had another afternoon of simultaneous baby showers, both work-related. Matt's social studies department threw him a really nice baby shower, complete with another adorable cake (this time made out of cupcakes)....

...and we received lots of generous group and individual gifts from Matt's co-workers as well.

My English department has a special tradition of giving new parents from the department a basket full of baby books that various members of the department help assemble. I received this incredible gift during a mini-baby shower portion of my department's monthly meeting at the same time Matt was attending his work baby shower. Building a great library for Baby Awesomerod has been one of my goals, and I'm glad to have such an excellent start with this basket of books which came to us filled with lots of titles unfamiliar to me. That's the best thing about English teachers -- they'll introduce you to books you've never heard of before. We've also received several other great collections of books as baby gifts, and we are so happy to fill our daughter's nursery with as many books as possible.

So far she already has one complete shelf of board books (set at toddler height) and one complete shelf of picture books (set at adult height so she [hopefully] can't access them by herself and rip up the pages).

The last event held in Baby Awesomerod's honor is really dear to my heart because it was organized by my former journalism students. They got together with my friend and colleague Shauntel and planned an after-school shower for me in Shauntel's classroom on my second-to-last day of teaching before starting maternity leave. The fact that so many of my alumni would come back from college to reenter the hallways of their high school and put on an event for me is such a reminder of how special my students are and how fortunate I have been to work with such great people for so many years. Some of my students who attended are getting ready to graduate from college; others are in their junior year of high school; all are special to me.

As a treat, Matt was able to attend as well, which is perfect because he's a bit of a celebrity among my students, for no reason other than the fact that he's married to me and I suppose my students are interested in my personal life.

There was another awesome cake, this time bearing the nickname my students coined for me.

There was a hilarious shower game that involved my students cutting out images from magazines in order to piece together a picture of what our daughter will look like. These were the perfect people to participate in such a challenge because 1) they're a competitive bunch, 2) they're really creative and funny and 3) they apparently follow this blog rather religiously and therefore have uncanny knowledge of my life.

The winning team and the runners-up were crowned by Matt and me based on not only the picture they created of the actual baby, but also because of the ways in which they incorporated really specific details from my life into their collages (i.e. "Here's a bird because your nursery has an unintentional bird theme.") Other students put a broom in our daughter's hand symbolizing the amount of housework I'm going to make her do (ha!). One group sort of gave up on the challenge and just cut out from a magazine a very Pottery Barn Kids-esque room scene with a super organized wall of bookcases, which actually isn't such a bad way to symbolize the child Matt and I could create.

In addition to group gifting us our Fisher Price bouncer (which I am so excited to own!)...
...many of my students brought us adorable baby clothes, including cute onesies, tiny socks, baby sunglasses (!) and this precious little dress one of my students who now attends U.Va. -- our alma mater -- gave Baby Awesomerod. We can't wait to dress her up this spring and summer!

My former students' generosity is really astounding, and I appreciate how they too have formed a presence in our daughter's nursery.

Matt and I are so fortunate to have wonderful people surrounding us in every aspect of our lives, and we're so grateful for everything everyone has done to help us celebrate and welcome a new life into the world. (One of my former students even thanked me for having a baby, which I thought was super sweet.) We cannot wait to begin this next stage of life surrounded by so much love. THANK YOU!

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