Friday, January 6, 2012

40 weeks and 3 & 4 days pregnant

What do you do when you're 3 and 4 days past your due date?

You clean the ceiling fans.

You dust off the top of the refrigerator.

You redust the house, because the extensive cleaning you did two weeks ago is now null and void and you have a dusty house again.

You wash all the sheets and towels.

You give the house the most thorough vacuuming it has ever gotten.

You pick up the extensive trash that has blown all around your row of townhouses thanks to the negligence of the neighbors who live two houses down and whom you've dubbed the dirty, crappy neighbors.

You repaint your nails because the manicure you got with your friend a week ago is no longer looking so hot, even though your nails themselves are still pretty fabulous.

You start to harness the power of Netflix again and watch The Business of Being Born, Cedar Rapids and Super 8.

You go back to finishing up State of Wonder, a book you started many months ago but could never manage to stay up to read at night when you were working.

You try to organize a year's worth of recipes from Everyday Food into your recipe notebook. You didn't keep up with it this year because the January to April editions came to you during your gluten-free period, the May through July issues came when you were not particularly interested in food, and the August through December issues came when you were not exactly in a stage of life to be organizing and trying out new recipes. And, as it turns out, the Everyday Food fairy has struck again and you are about to get another year's worth of this magazine from some unknown source. (Come out, wherever you are!)

As you plan for the week ahead, you no longer say, "If there's no baby by then, then..." in response to every social invitation and instead say, "I will see you then!"

You are grateful for the return of warm weather (over 60 degrees on January 6!) so you take four long walks in two days. You are also grateful for the friends and family who accompany you on these long walks. When you're not walking or cleaning or sitting, you dance around the house some and discover that your baby especially likes "Empire State of Mind."

You are also grateful for your friend who is free for two hours on a Thursday morning and can meet you down the street for an extended coffee session.

Finally, you're grateful for your team of girlfriends you've dubbed the First Responders who send you a constant stream of amusing one-liners and ridiculous finds from the internet to keep you amused.

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