Saturday, November 26, 2011

I did it...I organized my socks

Put this on the list of "things that I must accomplish before the baby arrives" not because it really changes my life on any level, but because I have a weird perhaps nesting-type compulsion to get this done. During my Container Store run last weekend I picked up this $7.99 32-compartment drawer organizer. I decided against buying another set of the Real Simple clear organizers I picked up for $4 at Bed Bath and Beyond for my hosiery drawer because I felt like my socks are bulkier and need to be more compartmentalized.

Now, these before and after shots are not really fair because I took the before photo at night and the after photos during the day, so it's sort of like those bad plastic surgery photos where, if the person was only smiling in the original photo, the transformation would not be nearly as significant. Oh well.

Before -- pajamas and socks intermingle in the wild.

After -- even Matt admits that he would like a sock drawer organizer. (He says something along the lines of, "I don't need it, but I wouldn't be upset if you decided to do that for me." This will likely be a maternity leave mini-project.)

This is on my ever-growing list of tiny things that make my life a little easier and give me a little more order over my space on this planet.

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