Thursday, November 24, 2011

Discounted cloth diapers

As you might remember from my baby registry post, one of the items I was most hoping to receive from my registry was cloth diapers. Ask and you shall receive. Several friends gifted me with them at my baby shower, and my friend Katy even demonstrated, much to the intrigue of all present, how these Bum Genius 4.0 diapers work. (People like my mother, who cloth diapered us old-school style, giant diaper pins and all, were especially amazed -- these are not your mom's cloth diapers.)

So, I was really happy when Katy told me the other day about her friend's shop that specializes in cloth diapers and related accessories (in addition to other green-baby products). Right now we have 10 cloth diapers to work with, and I feel like we should at least double that amount so we only have to launder the diapers every other day, as opposed to having the washing machine running non-stop in our house.

The store is called The Cloth Nook, and right now you can get 20% off all orders as well as free shipping. I guess this comes in perfect time, in case you were planning to buy someone you love this highly practical gift for the holidays (but probably the only person in the world who would appreciate such a gesture would be yours truly).

Because I believe the owner is (sadly) closing her store, not all diaper colors and closures are available, but I was able to snag five Bum Genius 4.0 snap closure diapers each at 20% off, and I basically never see these diapers on sale. Now we'll have on hand 15 cloth diapers in a variety of colors (2 clementine, 2 twilight, 1 moonbeam, 1 zinnia, 3 blossom, 3 butternut, 2 sweet, 1 bubble). I still want to get 5 more diapers, the ribbit and the grasshopper ones, because they seem ideal for our daughter's future wardrobe as I am partial to green in all things in general (including Kermit the Frog, whom I am excited to see in his new movie).

Now, back to baking. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Just a suggestion, you might want to get a pile of infant prefolds, a few snappis, and a few covers for the newborn stage.'s orange edge infant prefolds were just fantastic for both my kids in the first few months (and I got them as "seconds"). My first baby didn't even fit in a BG until he was about 12 lbs and 4 months old (he was a peanut with chicken legs). For my second she had chunky legs but the BG still didn't work well for her until she was about 2.5 months old. Bonus with these is I now use them as cleaning rags and they just last and last!

    We area also very excited to see the new Muppet Movie!