Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Simple travel art

Whenever we return from a trip abroad, we always bring back with us some small change (after doing a very good job spending our last equivalent of $5 U.S. on things like chocolate and Gatorade at the airport). So I throw the small foreign change with all our American small change, which I take to Coinstar about twice a year and convert to an Amazon giftcard, inevitably annoyed to realize that I forgot once again not to mix the American and foreign currency when Coinstar gets mad at me.

When we got back from Argentina this summer (I realize I still have not written about that trip -- whoops!) I rounded up all the small foreign change in the house and turned it into this simple art project.
I bought this basic black frame at Michael's. It's not exactly a shadowbox, but it's much deeper than your typical frame. Then I covered the backing in white paper and glued each coin down with craft glue. One or two coins, because of their shape and size, did not want to stick at first, so I did have to reapply some glue, but giving the glue ample time to dry solved that problem.

I used state quarters to signify our domestic travels to places like Hawaii for our honeymoon and the eight states we visited during our cross-country trip (as you can see, I'm still waiting to find a bunch of quarters of western states such as Colorado, Utah, and California to join our lonely New Mexico and Arizona quarters).

This easy art is a sentimental reminder of some of our most memorable travels together and a great way to turn loose change collecting dust into something more meaningful.

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  1. thought this would be a cute idea for giving my granddaughter money for Christmas.