Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nursery progress: Crib skirt done

After making my first set of DIY no-sew curtains for the nursery, I thought I would try my hand at making a no-sew crib skirt. Once again I followed the advice of the Young House Love folks and pretty much identically copied their crib skirt post. So, I don't have much to add to that dialogue, though I can say that:

1) It took me much longer to find the right fabric for the crib skirt. I already have two other patterns in the nursery between the curtains and the Modge Podged gift wrap coating the back of the bookcase, so I don't want to add too much else. But, I'm also comfortable with things not matching perfectly, so I finally pulled the trigger and got a black-and-white modern patterned fabric.

2) I bought twice as much fabric as I needed. For the four panels of the crib skirt I needed two yards, not four. Whoops. I'm a newbie at this whole fabric purchasing experience.

3) I couldn't (and still have not) figured out how to work around the edges of the crib's metal frame, the portion that holds up the mattress. So, that section is not perfect, but it will do, and I'm probably its worst critic. (Something tells me the baby won't notice.)

4) Spending about $40 total to make a crib skirt (supplies = fabric, hem tape, and Velcro) is a way better deal than buying an entire crib bedding set that can run you in the hundreds of dollars. I have started to see some stores and some bedding lines carry crib skirts separate from an entire bedding set, but so far the options I've seen are pretty limited. Now that crib bumpers are a supposed no-no, maybe more companies will start selling crib skirts and all other nursery bedding items a la carte.

Despite a couple tiny setbacks along the way, making the crib skirt was an easy afternoon project, and I think it makes the crib appear less naked, especially now that the crib is adjusted to the highest setting in anticipation of Baby Awesomerod's arrival. Before I attached the crib skirt there was a lot of empty space exposed underneath the mattress frame.

Right now we have a patterned crib sheet on the mattress. It's only there because we bought it for our sweet niece's visit several weeks ago. We tasked her with breaking in our crib, and she was up for the challenge, but we needed a sheet. So, while this sheet isn't my first choice (we registered for these bright green sheets at Buy Buy Baby) it will do.

Now with the crib skirt, the crib's a little more jazzed up.

Matt also took a few minutes over the weekend to attach the IKEA Billy bookcase to the wall, and I took a few minutes to see what it looks like with a few items added in. You might recognize a few of the items as toys I preserved from my childhood (and rediscovered in our crawl-space clean out). I'm sure everything will get reshuffled as Baby Awesomerod accumulates her own loot, but for now we've added a little more life to our little nursery space.

Now that all the furniture is in place and the more significant DIY jobs are complete, all we have left to do in the nursery is:

1) Buy an ottoman for the chair.
2) Find and install floating shelves next to the window.
3) Decide on and purchase/make/arrange nursery art.
4) Figure out if we're going to have a mobile over the crib and/or changing table; if so, will I make it or buy it, and how will we hang it from our really high ceilings?
5) Organize items in closet and determine an organizational system for all baby supplies.

So, at this point I view the remaining items as gravy. Nothing is a necessity (well, I guess most of our nursery tasks have been non-necessities as babies don't truly require much in terms of physical possessions). There's no rush, but hopefully the final items can get settled before January, and hopefully she won't arrive early.


  1. Not only are we crib twins, but I have those same sheets!

    Looking good. :)