Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nursery progress: Art!

I realize I've been absent from the blog for over a week. We've had one intense week, mostly filled with activities that involve getting ready for the baby. It all started last Saturday with my fantastic baby shower thrown by two of my closest and dearest friends, and it's been followed by two different baby-preparation classes as well as lots of baby-gear assembling and baby shopping and baby list-making and baby organizing. More on all that soon. In case you can't tell by the timing of this post, now I'm back to experiencing some of my first and early second trimester trouble sleeping (despite being tired), so I'm going to stay away from complex posting for now. As I collect my thoughts, here's something quick I can share as we put the finishing touches on the nursery.

Long before I got pregnant, I had been starring in Google Reader (for the last two years, apparently) artwork I would like for a potential nursery inspired by different blogs I read. After lots of filtering, I narrowed down my choices to my top three options.

There's this great round-up for reading-related art at Ohdeedoh. I was contemplating a few of them.

Then there's these and these posters with strong messages for strong girls at Switcheroo.
I'm thinking when Baby Awesomerod is older that I'll probably get her a couple of these to inspire some of the qualities I hope she'll possess, like independence and confidence.

But I ultimately went with this print from Sycamore Street Press. I find the text beautiful, the colors ideal for the nursery (and at 11" by 14" the print is the right size for the space I've got), and to top it off I'm a sucker for letterpress, so I hope it's something our little girl will treasure until she's old and gray.

It makes me tear up just reading it, so I hope that in a few short weeks when I'm changing diapers at 3 a.m. I can look up at this print hanging above the changing table and be reminded of the big picture.

There are a couple other works of art we already owned (one from my childhood, one from Matt's family) getting ready for the nursery walls, and once everything is up I'll show you the finished product.

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