Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kitchen line up: Repurposing place mats

When we ventured to IKEA in September to pick up the Billy bookcase for the nursery, I also bought two sets of these Klistrig place mats, figuring that at $2.99 for a pack of 4 I could find plenty of uses for them either as just simply place mats or I could repurpose them to other areas of the house.

It took me about three hours to decide that I wanted to protect the shelves of our pantry with these, but then I quickly ran out of extras, and by that point I was determined to line all the drawers and a few cabinet shelves in our kitchen with these. So, over this past weekend I picked up six more packs from IKEA and got to work lining the most offensive cabinets and drawers.

With white cabinets and two giant dogs, the insides of our drawers and cabinets reveal wear faster than they would if they were traditional wooden cabinets. So, in order to attempt to semi-win my constant battle against dog hair, I figured these are a start. They're not exactly contact paper, but they're thin enough that they are easily cut down to size and they can be easily lifted out of the cabinets for quick cleaning, too. And they're super cute.

So, after emptying out the drawers...

...and giving them a much-needed wipe down...I created a template for each drawer or cabinet and pieced the place mats together like a puzzle.

I did not buy enough place mats to line every single cabinet in our kitchen, but instead I focused on the highly trafficked parts of the kitchen, the lowest-lying drawers (which are therefore most likely to collect dog hair and catch crumbs from the counters), and cabinets containing items that are likely to make the shelves dirty, like our baking supply mini-pantry.

It took me about two hours to complete this project, and it's now amazing to not have to look at scuff marks or sticky residue at the bottoms of our cabinets and drawers.

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