Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Real Simple drawer organizers for the win!

No matter how organized we may be, we all have that space in our house that needs some help. More likely than not, that space is something behind closed doors, as in a closet or a junk drawer. Having conquered the junk drawer in the kitchen in April when Jen at IHeart Organizing issued her challenge, I thought I should organize my sock drawer next. You know, that sounds like a ball, right? Isn't "I'm busy organizing my sock drawer" right up there with "I'm busy washing my hair" in terms of lines girls would tell guys as code for "I really don't want to go out on a date with you"? (Back when I was on the market I was a bit more direct, known for telling one boy in particular that it was the worst date of my life and he should never call me again....I digress).

If you're needing to actually organize your sock drawer (and not simply avoid the prospects of a bad date) pick up a pack of these Real Simple Drawer Organizer Sets. I got my three-piece set at Bed Bath and Beyond for $4. The $4 I shelled out for this little helper is right up there with the $4 I spent on our new desk cord organizing system as some of the best money I've ever spent on a simple yet effective solution.

I guess it's more accurate to call this my "hosiery drawer" seeing as it really holds my old-lady knee-highs and my more stylish tights and leggings. These are really items I use during the cooler weather months, so in an effort to take stock (pun intended) for this fall/winter, I wanted a better system for seeing the goods. I've noticed for me that when items such as my necklaces are clearly visible and not piled on top of one another I'm more likely to use what I own.

I'm loving this new system and I think I'll be buying another set to organize my real sock drawer soon.

(In a life update from last week, after my rant about my doctor's receptionist's behavior on Friday I'm happy to report that my appointment on Friday was totally normal. Not only is everything going well, which is what matters most, but also my doctor was somewhat in disbelief that her receptionist called me to cancel my appointment since my doctor never asked her to do that and she couldn't figure out why the receptionist was behaving in such a way. My doctor does schedule appointments at 4:30 and even later, she does leave voicemails, and she sounded like she would be giving the receptionist a talking to. At least my doctor did not sanction such behavior and I can continue to have faith in her.)

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