Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An organized purse

I am still in love with my New Year's new purse. For a while now I've been thinking about telling you about how I've organized it, but I've been waiting to decide if my organizational plan works. Two and a half months into using the purse, I can say that the organizational system I decided upon on the first day I used the bag has stuck!

The secret weapon of my purse -- and probably any well-organized purse -- is the system I like to think of as a purse-within-a-purse. Ladies, you know that if you aren't careful, your everyday purse can become a bottomless pit for all kinds of small items. When you carry around a big enough purse like I do, it's necessary to corral all these items in a small container. (This system also makes it easier for you to switch out purses by grabbing the essentials.)

For my purse-within-a-purse, I use a simple plastic make-up bag. Today I took stock of its contents.
My purse-within-a-purse stores my:
  • Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing sheets
  • Tide To Go stick (you knew I had that one, right?)
  • Nail file
  • Work ID badge with two flash drives attached
  • Orbit gum
  • A small pill box
  • A toothpick packet (my dentist tells me I have really deep pits in my teeth, and whenever I go out to eat I feel like I have food stuck in my back teeth)
  • Kleenex packet
  • Two gel pens
  • Nivea lip balm
  • Two types of lip gloss (Nars Orgasm and Loreal Coral Sands)
  • Three extra hair ties
  • A small mirror
  • A bottle-opened key chain my friend bought me for my 21st birthday that has become a holder for all those key fobs from stores
If you don't have a system like this already for your purse, I highly suggest it. I started using this system a couple years ago, and it has made searching for small items so much easier.

The rest of my purse organization is pretty basic, but I thought I'd take a moment to show off my purse's awesome storage capabilities.
Over here on the left you can see my two sets of keys (work and everything else), phone, purse-within-a-purse and my sunglasses.

On the other side of the purse I store my coupon file and my umbrella. (Like an insurance salesman, I always have my umbrella with me.)
The middle zippered section is where I keep my wallet, checkbook, a small notebook and (as of yesterday) my gloves. I figure if someone wants to pick my pocket this is one more hoop he'd have to jump through.
There are two small zippered pockets -- one on the outside and one inside the right side --  that contain absolutely nothing at this moment. I love the way this purse offers so many compartments, yet it all closes up so compactly.
I am still so in love.

How about you? Do you have any amazing purse-organization secrets?


  1. I also use a small makeup bag to hold all of those little things. I'm currently trying to come up with a good way to hold forms and papers that I always seem to collect, especially at work! My purse is probably large enough to hold a folder but I haven't wrapped my mind around that yet!

  2. Ah yes, dealing with papers. Something I failed to mention in my post is that as a teacher I often find myself bringing home in my purse papers to grade. Actually, a folder is big enough to fit in my purse. The good news, though, is that this purse is narrower than my previous purse, so it can't hold as many papers, which means I just can't bring as many papers home to grade! Oh well!