Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yuck, gross: stink bugs

Forgive the reduced posting this week. In the middle of the week was a little something called Back to School Night, something I affectionately call the worst day of the year, not because I dislike meeting my students' parents -- to the contrary, I enjoy meeting the people who bore the people I interact with every day. Instead, I dislike this day because it means I work from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and then wake up the next morning by 5:15 so I can begin another day. It's exhausting, and it takes me about a week to get back to my normal schedule (hence today's near-record-breaking sleeping in until 10 a.m.! [On Saturdays I am normally up by 7 a.m.]).

During my absence, a new creature has decided to enter our home: the stink bug. Here's one perched above our bay window in our living room:

Only this morning did I finally identify this creature, thanks to an article from the Washington Post that Matt left opened on our computer while he went for a bike ride. This article came at an appropriate time, because last night when Matt and I returned home from our gender-divided Friday night activities, I asked him if he thought the bug on our door was the adult version of those pesky bagworms that killed our frontyard evergreen.

Thanks, Washington Post, these are in fact stink bugs. And you shouldn't squash them. Or vacuum them up, because we have a bag-less vacuum cleaner. I can't find a place they could be entering from besides our front door, so I'm trying to extra vigilant in batting them away from our house as we enter. For the time being, I'm bagging them up in little Ziplocs until I have a better solution.

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  1. I have seen a couple of these around our house too, and I've just been grabbing them with a tissue (carefully), and flushing them down the toilet. I guess it wastes water, but I hate bugs, and these are particularly creepy!