Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gas meters: Ask and you shall receive

Remember back in the spring when we got hit by the worst gas bill in history coupled by the worst customer service experience ever? Hyperbole aside, I was pretty annoyed, and because my gas company refused to do much to proactively fix the meter-reading problem to avoid future difficulties, I started reading my own gas meter and double checking the company's numbers.

Fast forward to Saturday, when I come home from a super successful Target clothes shopping experience, only to find this on our door:
That's right, a man from Washington Gas wanted to install a little device on our meter so that our meter could be read electronically (read: accurate every time!). Fortunately, his truck was still parked across the street from our house when I saw the note, so Matt and I went into super stalker mode and tracked him down in the neighborhood and brought him back to our house. He installed this little device:
The slightly-larger-than-before little plastic case around the meter may not be much, but if it means never getting a really expensive bill and hugely inaccurate meter reading again, I will take it!

Also, it was like our lucky week in the world of utilities, because on Monday someone from the power company stopped by and installed this little gray box above our AC unit outside:
Every few months our electricity company sends us a notice telling us we can go green by, you know, paying more every month for our power. You know I love to be green when within reason, but the budget is tight and I can't exactly pay more for roughly the same service. So, when I got a flyer in the mail encouraging me to sign up for a Smart Cooling Rewards program that saves me money and is a green initiative, I was on board. Specifically, this little device will turn off our AC during the peak hours (from roughly 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.) during peak days of service. Seeing as we set our AC to 78 during the day, I figure we won't be missing much since our AC doesn't have to come on often. Additionally, by participating we get refunded $40 every year, and we become part of a system that encourages further green practices. Win, win.

Now, if only we'll have as much success at tonight's HOA meeting! Wish me luck! Details to follow...

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  1. I have the same thing on my AC unit. And I am in the exact same boat, and keep the house at 78 during the day. So I figure nothing is lost and if I am getting paid to do it, even better. I am still waiting to see my $40 which should happen this month or next.

    Good luck at your meeting tonight. Hopefully you can talk some reason into them.