Friday, September 3, 2010

Tip 65: Naming electronic files

OMG people. I am loving my label maker. I went a little label-maker happy yesterday in my classroom, but it was much needed. I will explain more soon. In the meantime, speaking of labeling....If you have trouble naming your electronic files, you might consider this...

Tip 65: If you have files that you need to keep arranged methodically, name your files so they begin with a number (for example, 1--English syllabus, 2--First assignment).

Below you can see what part of my Beginning of the Year English folder looks like from my computer.
As a teacher, this system works great for me because I am constantly updating my files every year, making little changes, but often not reinventing the wheel. So, as I start off this school year, I can see the order in which I handed out materials last year. While the materials themselves might change over time, the skills I am building do not change, so I cannot, for example, teach my students how to read a passage closely before I teach them some basic literally devices. My literary devices file might be number 10 and my close reading instructions number 11.

Of course, you have to make computer file folders your friend. So, I have a folder on my computer for every unit I teach, and within that unit I number my files so I can keep track of what I should be teaching when.

And, like all my tips, this one can definitely be modified for the world outside teaching. Teaching just especially lends itself to this sort of organizational practice because we start fresh every September and need to look back on the previous year's work.

How do you organize your computer files?

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