Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Morning routine: My non-negotiables

Back in the late winter, I wrote about some baby steps you can take if you're feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to begin when it comes to cleaning/organizing your home/life. I'm happy to say that I've been great at sticking to that routine, and I've met my goals of sitting down to eat an actual breakfast each morning as well as establishing and maintaining more of a night time routine.

But it's time to revisit these ideas, because I always feel a little overwhelmed at the start of the school year. Although I would never describe myself as a "morning person," I would say that many mornings I wake up with more energy (and a desire to straighten) than I do when I return home from work in the late afternoon/early evening, ready to wear PJs and eat Cheez-Itz.

It may sound kind of crazy, but I sort of can't start my day off on the right foot if I haven't left my home in some sort of order. So, here's what I do to keep my sanity:

5:10 -- alarm goes off (Matt's goes off earlier, but I manage to never hear it...)
5:20 -- OK, Stephanie, put the Droid down and get out of bed.
5:20-5:35 -- three straightening tasks
5:35-6 -- make coffee, lunch, breakfast and sit down to eat
6 -- must be in the shower!
6:15 -- must be out of the shower!
6:30 -- must be out the door to avoid a huge line of traffic outside my school!

Yes, 6-6:30 contains many exclamation points because the traffic surrounding my school stresses me out so much that I freak out if I'm not in my car by 6:30, even though my commute is 10 minutes and school doesn't start until 7:20.

What are those three straightening tasks I must accomplish each morning?
(Please excuse the slightly blurry photos. I took them at 5:30 this morning. This is real life, people!)
1. Make the bed. The world could possibly end the day I don't make my bed.
2. Put away last night's not-for-the-dishwasher dishes.
3. Hang up or fold any of yesterday's clothing that's still out. (This includes items I pull out from my closet and then decide not to wear.)
Do you have any daily non-negotiables?


  1. I recently switched up my morning routine by moving my shower to night-time, after putting the kid to bed. It's totally revolutionized my morning and now I actually have time to "do" my hair every day!

  2. Steph, this is my morning routine too! Though I'm with Katy and I shower at night so I can sleep longer in the morning.