Monday, July 5, 2010

Teacher discounts

One joy of being a teacher -- besides the satisfaction you can get from shaping the country's future -- is teacher discounts. Some discounts are clearly advertised at stores; others you have to check for carefully on the company's website or, more likely, hear through word of mouth.

Here are some of my favorite teacher discounts:

Books -- Borders and Barnes and Noble both offer teachers discounts. There is a form you have to fill out the first time you take advantage of the discount, and you're expected to show your school ID each time you use the discount. Borders grants a 25% teacher discount, and Barnes and Noble offers 20% off for teachers.

Clothes -- There are a few places I shop that offer teachers clothing discounts:
  • Ann Taylor Loft offers 15% off everything, including sale items. Granted, anytime I go in to spend money at Loft, I have at least a 20% off coupon, or Loft is having a 40% off sale on dresses, or they have a Buy One, Get One 50% off promotion, but sometimes coupons they offer only apply to full-price merchandise. So, the 15% off everything teacher discount is especially great for sale items. There is no sign-up process involved; just carry your school ID.
  • JCrew offers 15% off everything, but it supposedly cannot be used for phone/internet purchases. I don't know as much about this discount because I've only used it once or twice because....well, you know, JCrew is still pretty ridiculously expensive, even when it's 15% off. Also, JCrew does not have anything officially posted on their site (that I can find, anyway). The discount is valid at factory stores, though, so that's a nice bonus, especially given the fact that there's a JCrew outlet in the Outer Banks we like to hit up.
  • Aerosoles offers 15% off items priced $39.99 and higher. I used to think Aerosoles were ugly, orthopedic shoes, but there are a few cute items there, and two of my favorite pairs of shoes come from this store. So, while I'm not flocking to Aerosoles, it's nice to know I can get a discount if I want one.

Office supplies -- Our school system has a contract with Office Depot, and because of this Office Depot offers teachers the ability to link our personal credit cards to the discount program and get the same prices the school system receives. This is a tremendous discount. While I do not buy too many school supplies for my classroom use, I do buy some, and I also buy some supplies for Matt and me to use at home for other projects, like my recipe notebook (plastic binder sheets are expensive!). Let me tell you -- the discount is amazing. The Office Depot clerk will ring up my purchase and it will show up for $15, and then once the system processes my credit card the price will drop to around $4. I love to watch this happen. If only there was a way to make this happen at all stores, all the time...

Of course there are local discounts teachers in different school systems receive for housing or gym memberships (we get a small discount at Gold's Gym). And I am sure there are some that I'm missing.

So, to all the teachers in the house, where do you use your teacher discount the most? Please share so we can all make the most of our discounts this summer!

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  1. Great list! I signed up for Anne Taylor Loft after reading this post. I like buying my classroom supplies at!