Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ready to plant!

We're back from vacation! Left late Friday night, got to the beach late late Friday night (but not as late late late as our friends who stayed with us at the beach for a few days). Got back late last night. After a day of lots of errands today, we returned home with these...

This year we scaled back a bit, knowing exactly what works in our front and back yard space, and knowing that we (I) just need a little patience to let everything grow in and fill out over the course of the spring and summer. I also tried to get flowers that will bloom through the hot part of the summer. Last year's snapdragons did incredibly well, so I'm banking on them lasting all spring and summer long again this year. We're also going to try growing some basil in a container on the deck in addition to basil in our herb garden. I'm curious to see if the sunlight on the deck is better suited for growing gargantuan basil than the sunlight in the backyard.

Something else that makes me happy about this year's garden center run is that we actually had a Groupon for our favorite garden center down the street from our house. Once we factored in the cost of the Groupon (on top of the savings afforded by the Groupon) we spent about $100 for this year's bounty.

I am most excited to put an end to this eyesore on our deck: (plus obligatory dog tail)

Looks like tomorrow's weather won't cooperate for planting, but Saturday should be just fine. Tomorrow will be a nice day to finish reading this month's book club pick (A Visit from the Goon Squad -- I recommend!), grade some papers (necessary evil) and get back to blogging!

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