Monday, April 4, 2011

New duvet cover!

As spring set in, our old duvet cover decided it was on its last leg. Then this happened:

We lived with it for several weeks, then finally this weekend I decided I couldn't handle it anymore. I did some virtual browsing, I found what I liked and picked it up by venturing to two separate Bed Bath and Beyond stores (note to self: the Find in a Store feature on the BB&B website it totally accurate, so double check that before heading to a store). I went with Jaipur by Echo Designs, and I'm pleased with not only the duvet cover and matching shams' appearance but also the silky smooth feeling of them as well.

The new bedding definitely makes more of a statement than the previous bedding. Fortunately, the sheets I bought over a year ago still match the new bedding. My next step is to buy a sewing machine (I have my eye on one, just need to pull the trigger). Then I can figure out how to sew some basic throw pillows -- I'm thinking red!

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