Monday, April 4, 2011

Exercising my core

Although I could simply spend my 30-40 minutes Just Dancing every day and stay in better shape than I have been in a while, I decided to step it up a notch with the addition of the best workout DVD I've ever come across -- Core Fusion Body Sculpt.

My friend gave this to me as a gift, and I didn't take it personally because she gave it to several of us girls at the same time. Her philosophy is that we're beautiful women who want to maintain our beauty as we hit old age (or 30). I can get behind that inspiring message from a friend. The gift also came at the perfect time -- just two months after I quit my membership.

What I love about Core Fusion is that it divides the workout into five 10-minute segments, each focused on a different area of strength or flexibility. The Core Fusion philosophy that is repeated by the two trainers/narrators throughout the DVD is "strength within stillness." That is completely true. Keeping myself posed in a certain position during each strength workout is a challenge that literally allows me to feel the burn!

The table of contents includes:
  • An arm sculpt that requires the use of two light free weights -- I use 3-lb. weights, but when doing this workout with a friend I also discovered that I can handle the 5-lb. weights and hope to make it through a workout without them killing me. You can see a YouTube video of this workout (don't let those tiny movements fool you!)
  • A thigh sculpt that requires a chair or countertop
  • A gluteal sculpt that also requires the same chair or countertop
  • An ab sculpt that requires placing your legs on some wall space
  • A stretching routine that I have never actually attempted -- The other four workouts end with a 1-2 minute stretching segment, and I find that's sufficient (that, and the fact that flexibility is my one true athletic talent, so I don't get too many results from flexibility training).

The narrators describe the ab sculpt as the most difficult ab workout you'll ever do, and that's probably correct. Still, for me, I find the gluteal portion the most challenging, perhaps because it requires balancing on one leg while kicking the other leg into the air, then after five minutes shifting legs and performing the same exercise all over again. It's totally exhausting, and it makes walking down the stairs the next day rather difficult.

This workout DVD is also well designed for anyone trying to workout in a small space with limited equipment. You really only need to invest in a couple free weights and then you're set.

 Additionally, people of any fitness level can benefit from completing these routines. As with any fitness plan, it's easier to make it through the DVD as you build your strength, but you'll probably never outgrow this DVD because the narrators share ways you can adjust each workout to achieve a greater challenge.

I only complete Core Fusion 2-3 times a week. This, combined with almost daily bouts with Just Dance 2, has assisted me in losing the little jiggle I had in my arms, and I can already see a more defined line cutting through my abs. Not bad for just a couple months of effort. Feeling better and physically seeing results has been great motivation for me to keep this up, and I might be interested in checking out more Core Fusion DVDs. Thanks, Diya, for getting me hooked!

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  1. thanks for this review, I love fitness videos!