Sunday, February 6, 2011

Morning blues

Getting myself organized and out the door by 6:40 on school mornings is a constant battle for me. This is one area of my life where I am not particularly strong and I'm always trying to find ways to get better. Well, now that we're officially at the halfway point in the school year, I can say that I'm making progress. Specifically:

1) Thanks to a tip from my friend Cara I am now no longer sitting in traffic for an extra 20 minutes each morning. Just a quick change of driving route has made me so much happier each morning. (Managing my response to frustrating traffic is one of those items in the category of "accept the things I cannot change," but turns out I CAN change it!)

2) Thanks to the clock gods, someone finally changed the clocks at my school so that they're no longer an extra five minutes fast. Now our school clocks are actually in sync with my cell phone's time -- praise the lord. This, coupled with my new morning driving route, gives me an extra 25 minutes each morning.

3) I'm sticking to my morning non-negotiables so that I can come home to a clean house each evening.

4) I am eating a full breakfast every morning at home as opposed to eating my breakfast out of a Ziploc bag while I drive to work.

In the last couple weeks, thanks to a sign at Trader Joe's, I've even changed up my early morning breakfast routine. While scanning the produce section, a little sign underneath the blueberries said, "Throw some blueberries in your cereal each morning for more antioxidants!" I actually said out loud, "Add blueberries to my cereal? I think I will, thanks!" The woman next to me started laughing, but then she too picked up a pint.

This is such a simple way to add more fruit to my diet, I can't believe I hadn't thought of it on my own. Now you can envision me every Monday through Friday at 5:30 a.m., sitting down to my bowl of Kashi cereal with blueberries, along with some orange juice, a banana, and some tea or coffee. The best way to enjoy this meal is while watching last night's Conan monologue and cackling (this is the term Matt uses to describe my laughter while Conan is on). In case you missed it, I particularly recommend this clip.

Have you made any simple adjustments to your life and thought, "I should have come up with that?!"

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