Monday, February 14, 2011

Potted herbs: Well, that didn't work

Of course, it could not have been that easy. I figured there was a reason why most people do not have potted herbs in their homes. Even though I appreciate the fact that I tackled this experiment, I now know that basil is seemingly impossible to maintain indoors. The mint has lasted and even proliferated, which isn't shocking seeing as mint is a hardy weed that will grow just about anywhere, but the basil died rather promptly.

Two weeks ago the great herb experiment looked like this...
...and today I finally snapped a photo before laying the basil in its final trash-can resting place...
The basil actually died within a week of me repotting it, but I kept hoping it would somehow rejuvenate.

Sorry if this is a Valentine's Day downer, but I figure you've read enough blog posts about V Day, and I have nothing to add to the mix but some dead basil. I really wanted this to work! Has anyone had any success growing herbs indoors, aside from using one of those Aerogardens?


  1. I would not say that my basil flourished indoors, but it didn't die... the key is LOTS of sunlight. South facing window if possible (we only have west facing). My parsley has also been doing fine indoors.

  2. Unfortunately my indoor herbs died as well. Sorry I have no tips for that! I did grow some basil on my balcony that did fairly well, but turns out, I didn't use enough of it, so needless to say, I don't grow it on my balcony anymore ;)

  3. I have managed to keep thyme and chives alive indoors, but have killed rosemary twice.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, ladies! I might have to try another window for the basil if I do it in the future, but at this rate I'll probably plant our basil outside before I resort to growing it indoors again anytime soon. Perhaps chives and thyme could be an indoor winter hit, though? Nice thought, Sam!