Friday, October 1, 2010

My favorite TV show + organization = hilarity

I've officially decided that Modern Family is currently my favorite TV show. How do I know this? Every time Matt asks me what TV from the week we should watch first -- increasingly, over the weekend, when we finally have time -- I say, "Modern Family." I'm hooked. The show has ridiculous, likable characters, clever jokes and then a sweet-but-not-too-sappy conclusion to each episode.

This week, though, my head nearly exploded when I saw the opening scene of the show, which reveals Claire holding a bunch of Tupperware containers and lids, complaining that none of them go together.

When she asks how this is possible, Phil responds, "Built up containment, money issues, met a younger lid."

Claire then turns her attention to her 13-year-old daughter whom she suspects is keeping boy secrets from her. All the while, in the background, Phil is clearly getting ready to crack the next organization-related joke.

Holding a lid in one hand and a container in the other, Phil says with a smug expression, "He blew his lid when she tried to contain him."

I nearly died.

If only the Modern Family on this show would follow my Tupperware organizational tip, their containers and lids could co-exist in perfect harmony.

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