Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Easy jewelry access

One thing that's true about how I get ready in the morning is that I try to do it as quickly as possible while still walking out the door appearing somewhat put together. Jewelry is a big help in the put-together look, but when my jewelry is hidden away I am less inclined to sift through it. A long time ago I shared with you my hanging necklaces display, which is one organizational strategy I've tried to make myself more inclined to wear jewelry, and it has worked. I've recently added an earring and bracelet display to the mix.

It took me a while to figure out how to better display my earrings and bracelets in a way that would work for me by not taking up too much space and not appearing cluttered while still encouraging me to access my jewelry more frequently. After checking out other organizers' ideas like the ones you'll find here I settled on the ceramic egg crates from Anthropologie for my earrings.

At $14 each, they are affordable and functional. The one downside of these is that they can more easily collect dust, but the fact that I actually wear earrings now most days outweighs that minor annoyance.

I also finally picked up this acrylic bracelet display at Jo-Ann Fabrics last weekend. It was a good investment of $7.99 (less 20 percent after a coupon -- holler!).

Reorganizing my jewelry has been a silly little task on my to-do list for months now, and I'm glad that after some earring reorganization this summer and bracelet reorganization this weekend I now have a much higher likelihood of wearing these items.

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