Sunday, October 16, 2011

My pregnancy essentials shopping list

As I've been adjusting to this new stage of my life, I've had to adjust my shopping habits, too. Here are a few items that have been essential for me the first 28 weeks of my pregnancy.

1) Body pillow

This is the one item I already had-- it actually traveled with me to college -- though it has been resting in the guest room for nearly five years. I only started sleeping with the body pillow around the time I hit 20 weeks and my belly started to feel more defined. That's when I knew it was time to adopt side sleeping.

This is what our bed usually looks like now when I wake up: body pillow laying sideways across the bed. I sleep with the body pillow in two ways:

1) with my legs wrapped around it and my body turned to either the right or left side (I switch whenever I get up in the middle of the night to pee, which is always once, usually twice, and sometimes three times)

2) with the body pillow wrapped around my stomach like an inner tube as I lie on one of my sides

If you have a keen eye and a good memory, you may notice something else in the photo above: a new headboard! We finally bought an actual bed frame. This is one of those items left over from the summer to-do list that we wanted to take care of before Baby Awesomerod's arrival. Specifically, I'd been on a mission to find an upholstered headboard for some time now because I'm going to try breastfeeding, and we're going to try having the baby sleep in our room in her Pack N' Play in at least the very beginning. I wanted something soft to lean against at all hours of the night, and this bed frame from World Market fit the bill. Plus, at $400 it was the most affordable but still nice-looking one we could find. Extra bonus points for waiting until now to buy this: we used our 25% friends and family discount last week, so we saved $100. Booyah!

OK, back to business....

2) Bra extenders

Here's something you already know about pregnancy: your boobs will grow. One thing I did not realize as much is that my rib cage would also expand thanks to extra fluids, lung expansion and the growing uterus that seemingly crushes everything else in my body.

In the first half of pregnancy before your belly is proportionate to your boobs they will seem especially large. Lots of women I've spoken to have claimed to have needed a new bra in the first trimester. This was definitely not the case for me. Plus, I love my bras and want to extend their life as much as possible. My rib cage expansion is the main thing I needed to figure out how to work around. I know I'll have to change at the very end of pregnancy/early postpartum period to a nursing bra (or simply a different size bra) but I still have not broken down and purchased a new bra thanks to the wonder of the bra extender.

Jo-Ann Fabrics carries bra extenders in all kinds of styles -- three hook extenders, two hook extenders, magnetic extenders, traditional hook extenders. Frankly I found it a little overwhelming as I sifted through their collection to find the one that would work with the majority of my bras. So now I simply transfer my bra extender among my different bras. This investment of a few dollars has been well worth it.

3) Step stool

I'll admit that as a short person I've made some stupid decisions in the kitchen, jumping up onto our counter tops to grab items from high shelves. Now that I can barely bend over I decided that jumping on counter tops is probably not the safest practice, so I picked up one of these $15 folding step stools from Bed Bath and Beyond.

In retrospect, it's silly that I didn't get one of these sooner, seeing as it folds up so compactly and will fit in the nook between our fridge and the cabinet. But at least it will also be a good kid-friendly item to have in our house when we have a toddler.

4) Gilligan & O'Malley pajama bottoms from Target

Specifically, I picked up two pairs of these Slub Pajama Pants. Slub seems like the perfect word to describe these. I like the slub around my house wearing these with my belly feeling totally comfortable.

5) San Pellegrino Limonata

The perfect substitute for alcohol...sort of.

What would you add to the list?

Enjoy your lazy Sunday!

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