Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Best T-shirt ever

I realize "Best T-shirt ever" may sound like major hyperbole, and perhaps it is, but I am really pleased with this purchase:

(Ignore my one rogue curl...such is my life.)

And despite the shirt's message, I am pleased to report that -- aside from a few friends' husbands, oddly enough -- I haven't had many inappropriate people try to touch my now 28-week-pregnant belly. (I am more than happy for my girlfriends to rub my belly because it's a novelty factor if nothing else. Plus I like for them to share in my happiness, and they possess all the same body parts as me.)

I found this gem through a giveaway on the blog Pregnant Chicken. While I did not win the giveaway, I did go straight to the Etsy seller DiscoBelly (awesome name) to make this purchase. Believe it or not, this is my first ever Etsy purchase, and while I love Etsy as a concept, I am determined to stay off the site unless buying a gift or hunting for some really specific item because I can imagine it could get addictive.

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