Friday, July 8, 2011

A greener sponge

I know a bunch of you are probably grossed out by the idea of sponges, thinking they're yucky because they get dirty and smelly. This is true, which is why I was pleased to discover these...

They're the four-pack of the Quickie Green Cleaning Microfiber Kitchen Sponges. I bought these about six months ago, and so far they have lived up to their promise of being durable even after quite a few rounds in the washing machine. They're not made for scrubbing pots. Instead I use them for wiping down the kitchen counter tops, and when I'm cleaning our bathrooms one usually travels with me to each bathroom sink and counter top in the house. At $4.99 for the four pack at the grocery store, this has been a worthwhile investment.


  1. These look great- I totally hate sponges. What are you using to scrub pots instead, though?

  2. I've always used the Oxo soap squirting sponge like this one: