Sunday, June 12, 2011

Experiments in stainless steel cleaning, take 2

I can't believe it was back in November when Matt and I purchased these Method Steel for Real Wipes and I blogged about my experience. Yes, they worked well in the beginning, but then I went to reach for one a couple weeks ago and they were completely dried up. Clearly, these wipes are good if you're going to use them often; if you're like us, and you use about half the package between November and June, they're not the best.

So I was happy to discover the Method Steel for Real spray bottle in the grocery store the other day. Granted, I had not tried very hard to look for it, and it was sitting there all along next to the wipes.

This spray bottle is definitely the way to go for me. Spray on a cloth, clean with the grain of the steel, then buff with a dry cloth (or the other side of the cloth you used if, again, you'd like to channel my minimalist energy).

One 12 oz. bottle should last me through 2014!

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